The International Conference on Data Science and Business Analytics a forum for exchange of research findings, analysis, information, and knowledge in areas which include but are not limited to:

Accounting Analytics

Big Data Applications

Big Data Cloud, Mining and Management

Big Data Management and Analytics

Big Data Storage, Processing, and Sharing

Big Data Systems, Tools, and Theories

Business Analytics

Business Forecasting

Business Intelligence

Computer Science

Customer Relationship Management

Data Mining

Data Visualization

Decision Making in Social Setting

Decision Making under Uncertainty

Decision Making with Multimedia

Decision Theory and Decision Sciences

Digital Market Design and Operation

Dimensionality Reduction

Distributed and Federated Datasets

Distributed File Systems for Big Data

Electronic Commerce

Ethical Decision Making

Financial Analytics

Fraud Analytics

Group Decision Making and Software

Healthcare Analytics

Human resources Analytics

Informatics Theories and Applications

Intelligent Agents Technologies

Intelligent Organizations

Large Data Stream Processing on Cloud

Large Incremental Datasets on Cloud

Machine Learning

Management Science and Operations Research

Marketing Analytics

Mathematical Optimization

Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Multiple Source Data Processing and Integration

Network and Social-Graph Analysis


Performance Measurement

Political Decision Making

Predictive Modeling

Prescriptive Methods

Pricing Analytics

Privacy Preserving on Cloud

Public Decision Making

Retail Sales Analytics

Revenue Management

Risk and Credit Analytics

Robust Decision Making

Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis

Security and Privacy

Sequential Decision Making

Simulation Methods and Applications

Statistical Decision making

Supply Chain Analytics

Transportation Analytics

Web-Based Decision Making